02.22.13Wet n Wild

From 18:00 Hours

02.21.13Club Cinco Curacao

From 22:00 Hours

02.16.13Wet n Wild

From 22:00 - 4:00 am Deep soulfull tech and club House

02.15.13Wet n Wild

From 18:00 with the best eclectic vibes

01.28.11Wet N Wild

From 18:00 Hours


From 22;00 Hours With a Happy hour from 22:00 till 23:00 Hours

01.26.11Tutu Tango

From 21:00 Hours


From 22:00 Hours

10.08.10Wet & Wild BeachClub

Happy Hour @ 18:00 With child 80's Music

10.08.10Villa Maria

Starting @ 22:00 together with Vato Gonzalez and Dj Paco


Starting @ 22:00 hours together With Juni Julliet

05.16.10Latin Beach

House on the beach @ mambo Beach Curacao on Sunday May 16th Together with: DJs Philly M , Carmen Glenn,and Jaz D


House Set @ Bermuda Curacao From 00:00 till 04:00

04.22.10Havana, Utrecht

Spinning tonight @Club Havana in Utrecht together with Rob Boskamp

04.15.10To Amsterdam

03.23.10To the WMC

03.12.10Wet n Wild

From 18:00-23:00 hours


From 00:00 hours till 04:00 hours

02.26.10Wet n Wild


02.26.10Wet n Wild



02.19.10Wet n Wild




Jazzy Sunday Valentines Edition

02.13.10Wet n Wild

Full house on the Beach

02.12.10Wet n Wild

@ 18:00 hours


@ 00;00 hours



From 12:00 till 18:00 Lazy Sunday on the beach

02.05.10Wet n Wild

From 18;00 hours till 23:00 hours


From 00:00 hours till 04:L00 hours


On the Mi Dushi party boat with DJs Paco, Carlito and Q

12.31.09New years wet n wild

New years party with the band EA from Venezuela, DJs Boogieman, Fai-Oz and Q

12.31.09New years Cinco

With Padovano, Fai-Oz and Q


End of the year party with fire-work show, DJs Padovano , Curteez and Q


After party with dj Padovano


Private Party


Just House

12.25.09 Bermuda

From 22:00 hours Just Q


Merry x-mas


12.19.09Wet N Wild

Strickly House from 22:00 hours

12.18.09Wet N Wild


From 00:00 hours



12.12.09Tutu Tango

Afterparty Santana Concert


From 1 am House sessions

12.11.09Wet N Wild

From 18:00 hours


From 00:00 hours

12.06.09private Party

AT Aloha


House party with Mark van dale and Q @ wet n wild

12.04.09Wet N Wild

From 18:00 hours 80ties meets house


From 00:00 hours till 04:00 am


From 22:00 hours

11.27.09Wet N Wild

From 18:00 till 23:30 80ties meets house


from 00:00 house at Bermuda


Starting at 12:00 pm with Jazzy grooves and funky tunes

11.07.09Bermuda Curacao

House night With mr Brown ,Double A-D

11.06.09Wet N Wild

Starting @ 18:00 hours

11.06.09Bermuda Curacao

Starting @ 00:30 at the newest place on the island

11.03.09Omundo Curacao

Spinning from 22:00 Hours at OMundo Curacao


The best Halloween party on the island for 14 years Starting @ 22:00 hours

10.30.09Wet N Wild Curacao

Staring @ 18:00 Hours

10.30.09Bermuda Curacao

Starting @ 00:30

10.28.09Tutu Tango

Michael Jackson Premiere party

10.27.09Omundo Curacao

Starting @ 22:00 hours

10.23.09Latinexperience ADE

Tonight i will be @ Prime Rembrantplein and Royalty

06.19.09Wet N Wild

Happy hour with the best 80ties music, blending those over to the best house music on the beach

04.15.09On my way to Holland


04.13.09Wet and wild surf finals Party

04.10.09Wet and Wild

04.07.09O Mundo

04.04.09Wet and Wild

04.03.09Wet and Wild


03.28.09Wet and Wild

03.27.09Wet and wild


On my way to the winter music conference in Miami

03.21.09Wet and Wild

With Dj Rick E and .........

03.20.09Wet and Wild


03.14.09Slippers @Wet and Wild

Together with Mark van Dale

03.13.09Wet and Wild


03.07.09Dj Tico's BD Bash @Cinco

Together with DJ Mike L; Jemy; Carlito

03.07.09Wet and wild

Its Just House

03.06.09Wet and wild

03.03.09O' Mundo

02.28.09Wet and wild

together with Rob boaakamp ; AA D and Dj Moska

02.27.09Wet and wild

02.20.09Wet and Wild

02.20.09Cinco Brasilian Basics Party

Together with Dj Fresh And Rob Boskamp (Holland)


02.15.09Cabana Beach

02.14.09Wet and Wild

Just House, The best place for House music on the island every Saturday

02.08.09Cabana Beach

Staring @16:00 Hours

02.07.09Wet and wild

The onley place on the island 4 house music on Satuday Starting at 22:00 hours

02.06.09Wet and Wild

Every Friday you'll find me at Wet and Wild starting at 18:00 hours with a Happy hour and the greatest classics and from 21:30 the best House music


Staring @ 21:00 hours

02.01.09Cabana Beach

Starting at 16:00 hours at Cabanabeach

01.31.09Wet and Wild

Staring @22:00 hours with best house tracks

01.30.09Wet and Wild


from 21:00 with Juni Julliet

01.23.09Wet and Wild


from 21:00 with Juni Julliet

01.16.09Wet and Wild


from 21:00 with Juni Julliet

01.09.09Wet and Wild


from 21:00 with Juni Julliet

01.03.09Wet and Wild


Celebrating New Year with DJ Tico & Paco, Carlito and Jamie

12.31.08Wet and Wild

Celebrating 2009!!


from 21:00 with Juni Julliet

12.27.08Wet and Wild

From 22:00 till 4:00 and making a life mix

12.26.08Wet and Wild

12.24.08Private party

Celebration x-mas eve


from 21:00 with Juni Julliet

12.19.08Club Cartouche


from 21:00 with Juni Julliet

12.17.08Club Cartouche


from 21:00 with Juni Julliet

12.13.08Wet and Wild

From 22:00 till 4:00 and making a life mix

10.31.08Wet and Wild

Wet and wild beach club from 18:00 hours

10.31.08El Pacha

From 24:00 hours i'll be in the newest club on the island El Pacha

10.17.08Club Roque

10.15.08Bar Arc Amsterdam

09.07.08Zanzibar Janthiel Beach

09.06.08Mi dushi

Together with DJ aad

09.05.08Wet and wild

09.04.08De heren

08.31.08Zanzibar Janthiel Beach

08.29.08Wet And Wild

08.28.08De Heren Curacao


Back to holland where i had some great gig's at : Bar Arc, Gay pride, Club Roque .Panama, Hotel Arena and Classics i came back on August 28th

07.27.08Zanzibar Jathiel Beach

Jazz and groovy house on the beach, starting at 12 noon

07.25.08Wet and Wild

The best Happy hour on Friday from 18:00 hours

07.24.08De Heren

Together with a Cuban Band From 21:30

07.23.08De Heren

Jazz and soul at de heren From 20:00 Hours

07.11.08Wet and Wild

Staring AT 18:00 hours with the greatest happy hour on friday

07.10.08De Heren

DJ Q will bet at the heren with the best Cuban Salsa band on the Island Staring at 21:30

07.09.08Jazz @ de Heren

DJ Q and Rob Boskamp will spin the best Jazz and Funky Vibes Starting At 20:00 Hours

06.18.08De Heren

Jazzy ,Soulfull and Oldies from 20:00 hours

06.13.08Wet and Wild

From 18:00 Hours at Wet and wild Beach Club

06.12.08De heren

Going nuts at De heren from 21:30

06.11.08De heren

Jazzy soulfull and oldies from 20:00 hours

05.25.08Zanzibar Jathiel

Sunday from 12 noon with the best jazzanova's on the beach

05.24.08Wet and Wild

Saturday House crazy @ wet and Wild from 22:00 hours

05.23.08Wet and Wild

This friday from 18:00 hours at wet and wild

05.22.08Asia de Cuba

Together with DJ Jose from Holland Starting @22:00 hours

05.21.08De Heren

De Heren Curacao from 20:00 hours

04.15.08Brrrrrr Leaving for Holland

Leaving for Holland for 5 weeks My number there is +31628457833

04.03.08Wet and Wild

Friday April 3rd from 18:00 hours at Wet and Wild

04.02.08Asia de Cuba

Thursday April 2nd from 22:00 hours at Asia de Cuba The best House in town

04.01.08Jazzy at De Heren

Wednesday April 1st at the Heren from 20:00 hours Jazz and Jazzanova's


I'll be in Miami from March 25th till March 31st You can find me there at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Friday The 28th At The Gryphon Club The Dj's around the world Party

03.21.08Wet And Wild

This friday i will be At Wet and Wild Beach club from 18:00 Hours

03.20.08Opening Cartouch

Thursday March 20th opening of a new club In Curacao "CARTOUCH" Starting at 18:00 Hours.

03.20.08House AT Asia

The best Latin and Electro House with the greatest Happy Hour for the Ladies Frreeee drinks from 22:00 till 23:30 Music will start @ 22:00 Hours

03.19.08Jazz at de Heren

Groovy and Funky Jazz at the Heren starting @ 20:00 hours

03.15.08Wet and Wild

The best of House and Urban starting from 22:00 hours

03.14.08Wet and Wild

Starting at 18:00 Hours

03.13.08Asia de Cuba

the best latin and Electro house starting from 22:00 hours . Ladies will drink for free from 22:00 till 23:30

03.12.08Jazz at de Heren

Wednesday March 12th Jazz at de Heren .starting at 20:00 Hours

03.09.08Jazz on the beach

Sunday March 9th from 14:00 hours at Zanzibar with Jazz on the beach, groovey , funky and latin jazz with sun ,sushi and bubbles

03.07.08Wet and Wild

Starting from 18:00 hours

03.07.08De Boot Dj Tico's Birthday bash stricktley house

Starting at midnight

03.06.08Asia de Cuba

Starting at 22:00 hours with the hottest latin electro

02.22.08Wet and Wild

Friday the 22nd i'll be at Wet and Wild from 18:00 hours

02.15.08Wet & Wild

This friday i will be at Wet and Wild from 18:00 hours

02.10.08Jazz on the Beach

This Sunday groovy Jazzy vibes on the beach at
Zanzibar- Janthiel- Curacao.
Starting @ 14:00 with sparkling wine

02.02.08on vacation

I am leaving for Miami on febr the 3rd and will be back febr 9th

01.18.08wet and wild from 18:00 hours

01.12.08Closing of zanta beach club

Together with dj freaky freek and dj Jose

01.11.08DE boot

DE boot from 19:00 hours


Saturday Dec 22nd Private party From 21:00 hours till 1 and from 1:15 till 4 at skaloko with the pimp and ho party


Friday dec 21 at wet and wild From 18:00 hours


This friday november 30th starting @18:00 hours @wet&wild and after that @22:00 hours @skaloko


This Saturday Jazz it up goes Caribean, Together with Rob Boskamp and Tamara Maria Starting 20:00 hours @ Skaloko


This friday at skaloko wiyh the band Happy Peanuts


This saturday november 10th @ Blue bay from 18.00 till 21.00 and afterwords private party 4 Ricardo @ the bowling Curacao


This wendesday @ blues in Curacao with Jazz


This friday november 2nd i'll be @ SKALOKO together with the happy penauts


Click on the site to go to halloween http://www.djqproductions.com


This Friday October 5 @ Wet and Wild From 18:00 hours


This wednesday October 3rd @ Zanta beach


Saturday oktober 29th Extreme dance party At Campo alegre


This friday september 28th at Wet and Wild

09.21.07GIGS Wet and Wild

This Friday September 21 from 18:00 at Wet and Wild Curacao

09.21.07GIGS Cinco

This Friday september 21 From 12:00 at Cinco Curacao

09.03.07Coming soon Q Recordings


This Saturday in the Arena in Utrecht 80's& 90's


Sunday August 26th the opening of Jazzitup @ Panama in Amsterdam!!! Please send me an E-mail for info and your invitation


Loosdrecht "Porto" Private party

08.25.07Gig Dr Beat

Saturday the 25th Dr Beat in Utrecht Arena Line up DJ Rob boskamp, DJ Ignacio, DJ Q

08.19.07To Amsterdam

This sunday august 19th leaving 4 Amsterdam


This saturday@wet and wild


August 3rd @ Wet and Wild Curacao


This Fiday july 20th @ Cinco Curacao


Today Saturday the 14th i will be spinning @ Panama Amsterdam


Club Le Noir in Utrecht From 23:00

07.07.07This Saturday in Raalte waar??????

in de leren lampe in Raalte from 10:30 tot 3


This Saturday june 30th ill be in Panama , Amsterdam

06.29.07Club le Noir

This friday i will be in club Le Noir in Utrecht back to back with DJ Rob Boskamp

06.22.07Club le Noir

Tonight i'll be in Le Noir in Utrecht

06.21.07You 2

This thursday in you 2 with the afterparty of bar arc's 5th Birthday party

06.16.07You 2

This saturday in the you 2 in amsterdam


Club cinco Curacao


Wet&wild Curacao starting @ 18:00 hours


Private party


This Saturday june second @ baya beach Curacao,together with dj jurgen(Holland), dj fresh (venezuela) , dj Erick the kid(st maarten)